Dec 22, 2022
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हाल ही में लॉन्च हुई Mahindra XUV400 Verse क्या है, इसके बारे में पूरी जानकारी यहाँ प्राप्त करें

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Mahindra has unveiled XUV400verse, the Metaverse platform powered by for Mahindra’s all-electric XUV400 in a virtual world.

The platform will act as a universe that connects the virtual spaces of the brands to deliver a unique customer experience, replete with photorealistic graphics. The XUV400Verse will enable Mahindra enthusiasts and customers to engage, collaborate, socialize and have a comprehensive product engagement.

Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “The XUV400verse will enable us to create an even better customer experience. We look forward to empowering our community of young SUV buyers and enthusiasts to share their experiences with their friends and family from the comfort of their homes. We invite you to join the experience. We are providing an environment that resonates with our next generation of tech-savvy customers, providing them with an innovative and immersive experience.

For customers to explore their creativity in the XUV400Verse, the brand will offer unique experiences such as:

Virtual Brand Showroom:

The immersive virtual showroom bears a strong resemblance to Mahindra’s identity. The showroom features a futuristic design with guided and free-roam journeys, LED wall showcases with spatial sound interactive avatars (live and non-player characters – NPCs) and zones with brand-led merchandise and accessories.
Customize Your Own Avatar: Visitors to the XUV400Verse can create and feature their own avatars and also invite their friends and family for a shared experience.

Hyper-realistic 3D Car Configurator:

Users can engage with the hyper-realistic 3D car configurator, which enables real-time customisation, change colors and explore the features of the SUV in an immersive format.

Virtual Test-Drive:

The XUV400Verse also hosts a first-of-its-kind Virtual Test Drive with multiple modes and camera views, where the user can learn about the key features of the SUV in a gamified manner, while the environment comes along with it. Brand billboards and captivating cinematics.

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